Things to do after dental intervention and general information


We take a series of digital images to get a better look at the entire mouth. X-rays allow us to see things we normally couldn't, and help us provide a comprehensive exam. X-rays are also essential for denture wearers. Our doctor can determine if you have adequate bone to support your dentures, plus check for bone fractures, cysts, tumors, lesions, and sinus issues.

After reviewing your x-rays, your dentist will discuss your dental and medical history and the reason for your visit. The dentist will then perform a thorough oral exam and suggest a comprehensive treatment plan that's best for you. This is important, because seeing the full picture helps you make the best decisions about your care.

Among restorative treatments, dental fillings are most commonly used to treat cavities. They are also used to repair cracked or broken teeth, or teeth that have been worn down over time. The patient can choose between amalgam and composite fillings, but the doctor decides about permanent or temporary filling need to be used.

After treatment with amalgam filling is not allowed to chew for 3 hours.
After the anesthetic effect is gone, is allowed to chew with composite fillings.
With temporary filling is not allowed to chew for 2 hours.
Root canal therapy is usually done in multiple appointments but varies from person to person.
Root canal closed with temporary filling: do not eat for 2 hours, in case of complication call your doctor.

Fixed replacement

To prepare a replacement usually takes 10 days. After impression the dental technician prepares a metal frame, what needs to be tried on at the dental office. After adjustments the final replacement is been fixed into the mouth. It is advised to not to eat for 2-3 hour after this procedure.

Preparation and impression

The buffed tooth might be sensitive to hot and cold. It is advised to avoid strong impacts, like hot coffee, tea or ice cream. In case of nightly toothache call your doctor.

Handover of the new denture

It usually takes 2-3 weeks to get used to the new denture. After getting a denture be aware of dental hygiene. We recommend cleaning your dentures every morning and evening, and after every meal with a denture brush and denture cleanser or soap. Avoid gritty pastes or powders.

Removable replacements

Removable denture is made in 5 phases and usually takes about 2 weeks to complete. After wearing the new denture for a couple of days some problems can be experienced. Before your appointment with the dentist wear the denture at least for 2-3 hours.


It is recommended to wear the denture all day long, even over night. Chewing or sucking on candy help the oral musculature to get used to the new dental shape.

Surgical interventions

Suture removal usually is being done on day 5 after surgery. After surgery, putting ice on the affected area helps to avoid swelling. Do not put hot pack onto the affected area, avoid dairy products and chamomile.