Possible forms of injury:

  • fracture of a crown
  • fracture of a root
  • partial or complete excursion
  • teeth impressure into the gum


The treatment can be affected by:

  • age of the child
  • development stage of the teeth
  • severity of the injury
  • time elapsed since the injury
  • type of the teeth

Possible outcomes:

  • discoloration of the teeth
  • injury of the permanent teeth sprout
  • teeth necrosis
  • disruption of the teething process
  • disruption of the enamel development process of the permanent teeth
  • root resorption


Injury of baby teeth / deciduous teeth

In case of small fracture it enough to polish the teeth. Root canal therapy can be done if it is necessary. In case of tooth impressure we have to wait for the spontaneous shooting. The possible gum or mucosa injuries are being treated, follow up exams are usually necessary. The tooth might become gray colored after weeks, which is the symptom of tooth death.


Injury of permanent teeth

A ruptured permanent tooth piece can be fixed with using special gluing material. In this case the immobilized tooth is being repositioned and stabilized. If the tooth pulp is involved a special root canal therapy will be used. Impressured tooth might need orthodontics therapy. A lost tooth can be reseat with great success.
A spilt tooth needs to be grabbed at the crown part and stored in milk. Visit your dentist as soon as possible!